Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New Project Introduction #projectwalden

I want to intoduce you to my latest project that will be lovingly referred to as 

My client recently moved from a very large custom home that she poured her entire heart & soul into & is now in a much smaller townhouse. My challenge is to turn her townhouse into a home. All of the major renovations have been completed, so I'm focusing all my efforts on the furniture, art & accessories & a bit of wallpaper. Today I'm going to show you the living / dining space.

Here are the before images.

My client loves wood, stone & metal so I am rolling with that. 
She is also not a fan of too much fabric, so I am focusing on using more leather vs. fabric.
The desk, dining table, 4 cane back chairs & tall wood framed mirror are staying.

Here is my proposed design plan for the living room area.

The first pieces I found were these exposed metal framed wing chairs from Black Rooster & the leather Restoration Hardware sofa with chaise. I loved the whimsy of the chain lamps & who can resist the Plantar chair with stump side table. I pulled colours from the Group of Seven painting for the pillows, but these can be easily switched out for any of the other gorgeous hues in this piece of classic Canadain art.

And this is the dining room space.

I kept the clients antique dining table & paired it with a custom leather upholstered leather dining bench & a painting by Emily Jeffords. They already have 4 cane back chairs that I would love to see the seats upholstered in the same leather as the sofa. As for the lighting I couldn't decide, between this beaded one & the lantern.

That's it for today - next time I'll share the master & foyer!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I jumped on the bandwagon, well actually the swan.

I may have bought this irresistibly adorable inflatable swan last night! I can see myself lounging on said swan sipping something bubbly - whether that actually happens is a different story completely but a girl can dream.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. 
I'll be back tomorrow with an introduction to #projectwalden

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What I'm liking - Scallops

I'm starting a new monthly post called.

And it's going to be just that a collection of things that I'm liking & today it's everything scalloped.

A scallop edge is soft, feminine & very simple whether it be in a solid material or slightly more detailed in a lace, this series of curved projections is always welcome.

Here is a collection of various scallops that have caught my eye as of late.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#Projecthillview - The Plans & B's bedroom design

Good Morning Friends!
It's been a while, but I am back after the move & with demo having started on #projecthillview I have lots to share. While I was making kitchen & bathroom decisions, tiles, windows, hardwood & appliances selections, a valuable member of my team turned my hand sketches into CAD.

Here is the before plan.

We had 2 different plans created. The first was to keep all 3 bedrooms on the main floor. The second was to have a master suite & den on the main floor & the kids bedrooms in the basement.
After looking at the options & thinking long term living & at resale, it made the most sense to us to keep the kids upstairs. Trading off slightly smaller bedrooms with a very large family living space in the basement. 

The bedroom side of the house has been demoed & by Friday the entire main floor will be ceiling & studs.

Over the weekend I finalized B's bedroom, her's is bedroom #2. Other than having a built in daybed & closet, like below I knew that I wanted her to have a whimsical wallpaper but not too kid like.
B knew she wanted a disco ball, of all things!!!

Knowing that I had just ordered this Lee Jofa woven rug for her room - for a steal I might add.

I gave her these 3 wallpaper options.

Cole & Son Flamingos

Birds & Butterflies by Schumacher

Can you guess which one she picked?

The millwork, ceiling & trim is going Benjamin Moore Oxford White - my go to white! The
Issac brass ball Schoohouse Electric wall sconces will be a perfect fit on either end of the bed. I gave her a disco ball like she asked for, along with this amazing pendant from Black Rooster & low & behold she LOVES the BR one! This will cast beautiful shadows on the wall.

Well that all she wrote for today.

Monday, 4 May 2015

#projecthillview: The Windows & Exterior

Last week the Mr. & I spent a day going to 3 different window companies to explore all of the possibilities. It was a successful day because we did decided on thin black aluminium windows inside & out.

Just to refresh your memory this is the existing exterior.

And this is my inspiration.

I pinned this image by Carrier & Company forever ago. I absolutely love the look & feel of this home. It's totally doable right?! We will be adding a cedar garage door & possibly somewhere else, not too sure yet I also want to incorporate a concrete wall with recessed light too.

Replacing existing windows, I think is a fairly simple process. Until we get to this one.

The plan is to basically, remove the existing back wall of the main living area, about 20 ft  & replace it with a moving wall, where all of the glass panels will slide & stack onto one another. This will allow for tons of light & easy access to the backyard & pool area. The moving wall will look a little something like this - minus the lady!

Hopefully we can have the top window follow the line of the vaulted ceiling but we have to see & the windows below to have 3 or 4 moving panels & one that is fixed. There are so many options to the moving wall, not to mention we heard the phrase "You may have to get a structural engineer" that by the end of the day I thought my head was going to explode with all of the information!!!  That being said it was a very productive.

Come back next week I'm talking kitchen!!!

Monday, 27 April 2015

#ProjectHillview: Foyer

Welcome to another installment of #mymidcenturymakeover.
The Mr & I have spent countless hours already going through our literally 100's of design magazines. We're ripping out images that represent clear ideas of rooms, specific items or simply serving as inspiration to create this new home of ours.
Today I'm going to show you the design plan for the foyer.

This may seem like a little thing but to me it's a big thing... I get a foyer. I mean I had one before, kind of. As soon as quests came in the front door, they could see into my entire main floor & not to mention the stairs were right there.  I love the idea of having a self contained space to greet guests, no more seeing everything from the front door & the stairs are tucked away.

My goal for this space is to create impact right from the get go, so I have chosen to use
Cole & Son wallpaper. I do have another option for wall covering but we'll have to see how the samples turn out but the Cole & Son will most definitely be the back up, if not used in another space.

A large scale black honed marble floor that will be laid in a herringbone pattern.  

The existing fibreglass wood look front door is going, along with the sad side light window. We are replacing them with one large black steel framed pivot door. This will give much more light & help the space to feel larger.

The main living space has vaulted ceiling that run into the foyer, so I am taking advantage of the
 height & this Bari chandelier in aged brass & polished glass chandelier. 

We opted to move the front hall closet into a space in the old kitchen area, this will allow for a less congested area. The existing closet will be opened up to allow for a nook for sorts to allow for a chair, a console table, sconces (thanks Jessie D Miller) & a colourful print by Slim Arrons without taking up any real floorspace.

I think that's about it for today.

Make sure to come back next Monday to see how we are going to transform the exterior!

Monday, 20 April 2015

#projecthillview: Kids Bath

Today is #projecthillview, also known as #mymidcenturymakeover update day. 

The house currently has 1 main bathroom & 1/2 bath in the master. We're opening up the 2 spaces & creating one large bathroom  & then adding a Jack n 'Jill between the kids bedrooms.
We need to steal some room from each of the kids bedrooms, but a  bathroom for the kids to share is a must. Unfortunately, until we are able to get in for another look, we're unsure if exactly how large the space is that we have to work with. Regardless this is the direction.

We are keeping the main finishes of the house to black & white & the kids bathroom is no different. This little bathroom is most likely going to be tight on space, but big on impact. 

The wall behind the floating IKEA high gloss vanity is going to be a random mix of black, white & grey subway tile with dark grout. The shower walls will be kept simple with a large scale all white porcelain tile. All I'm looking for in the shower a very plain & simple white wall tile so a porcelain is the way to go & this is also where I can save a bit of $$.

The main floor & the shower floor will be in a black hex marble mosaic, also with dark grout. Hopefully the dark grout will be easier to maintain with a boy...if you get me drift! In a bathroom setting my first choice is to always have the main floor tile & the shower floor tile be the same. If not in the same tile, then at least in the same colour - it gives the illusion of more space & ultimately gives a more seamless look.

I the industrial brass lighting is from Schoolhouse Electric & black plumbing fixtures are by
Jason Wu for Brizo. I chose these because they are both very minimal & interesting.  

Lastly I love these art prints, they are fun for the kids & still keeping with my black & white theme.


Prints of Heart

Well that's it for today.