Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#projectglenholm Update

Last week #projectglenholm received their pillows & had the drapery installed.

Here is what the room looked like at our first meeting.
I will give my client credit, all of the pieces she had selected for the space were lovely but she needed  it all to be pulled together.

Below is what fabrics I started with.

This is what I presented.
Statioary silk drapery with a lead edge band on decorative tape. The tape was not only used to "dress up" the solid fabric for the drapery but to also reinforce the colour scheme & add a touch of pattern.

These are the pillows.

Drapery is waiting to be hung.

Here are the pillow in there new home.

I don't have photos just yet of the completed drapery install.
Just this snapshot.

This wall opposite the sofa needs something, but there is not a lot of room.

Here's what I'm thinking for this wall. We need an area rug too!

A glass waterfall console table with 2 upholstered cubes tucked beneath to act as additional seating will anchor the wall. The stools will be upholstered in the same Candice Olson fabric we used on the 2 large sofa pillows. Family photos are very important to my client so, that being said we will create a simple gallery wall. My hope is that this wall of special photographs will changed out from time to time.

Do you have any other simple & cost effective ideas for this wall?

Monday, 27 October 2014

A Halloween Mixer for the really young crowd.

Soon after we booked our family vacation to Barbados, we realized that littles would be missing Halloween.
Apparently when you are 5 Halloween is a super huge deal! 
So, after much convincing, we opted to throw a Halloween party for them & 10 of their friends.

Here is the party in pictures!

The kids got creative colouring some masks.

We played Bingo.

Thirsts were quenched with these cute skeleton straws & they got a little surprise!

They sunk their teeth into these super cute Dracula Donuts

Timbits posed as delicious Spider Eggs!

A skeleton hand was just hanging out in the chip bowl!

I also made these hot dog mummies - since they were such a big hit last year.

There was also so much more that I wanted to share but they kids came in like a hurricane before I could take more pics of the set table & all of the goodies.
I'll have to be quicker next time.

Do you have an Halloween plans?

Friday, 24 October 2014

I've proven to Suck on the blogging front as of late, but please don't leave me!

Just as the title of this post says, I suck on the blogging front.
It's true, I have been the suckiest blogger - if that's even a real word!

I am a 1 woman show. 
I literally do it all myself. I don't have a team of 20 behind me.
 I meet with clients. I source fabrics, furniture, finishes, all of the ordering & work orders. I also do all of the pick ups & deliveries. Every stitch of painting is done by moi, until the wee hours somedays. Don't even get me started on the seemingly endless number of daily emails.
This is just work related. I haven't even addressed the need of my little family. 

Before you exit my page, please know that this is not a pitty party by any stretch, it is simply me realizing that I can not do everything. There I said it! It's very hard for me to give up control. There I said that too! Phew, that feels better & because it's hard for me to give up control I feel like I am wearing multiple hats & at times they don't look good all together!!! 

With all that being said, the Mr., the 2 littles & I are headed to our most favourite place in the entire world tomorrow for 7 days of pure bliss & some much overdue family time. 

There will be plenty of jumping in the waves on a beach of pink sand.

Indulging into a good book & actually finishing it.

Sand caslte building to our hearts content.

Enough food & drink for way more than 4 people.

The only clothing required is a bathing suit, big hat & sunnies.

Sleeping with the doors open to hear the waves crashing again the cliff we are perched on.

Be sure your following my Instagram feed, as I will be posting our time in heaven.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

#projectindianroad Update

Last Friday #projectindianroad got their pillows, had their drapery installed & a bit of furniture was delivered.

If you recall the client had a pair of these chairs just taking up space in their basement.

After getting a fresh paint job at Paint It Like New & some fancy upholstery over at Switch Studio those tired chairs now look like a million bucks!

We opted for no cocktail table in the living room, so I had Staci over at Switch Studio as create this custom tuffted ottoman in a very durable family friendly fabric & I am beyond about it.

I can't give you the full reveal just yet. We are still waiting for our Minted art to be framed & hung over the sofa, side tables, lamps, a mirror & the walnut sideboard that will sit proudly under the wall mount TV. 
It is so nice when  it all starts to come together just as you had envisioned, it also helps when your client trusts you 100%!

The dining received some hand painted drapery that spans wall to wall & floor to ceiling.
I used a white linen & the painting was done with a slightly darker shade of blue that was used on the living room chairs. These drapery were a real labour of love & they look stunning against the BM Smokey Green walls.

 I promise there will be more to see soon & not just ones taken with my iPhone, but real professional ones!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A New Project Introduction - #projectglenholm

Happy Tuesday friends!

Last week was a total & utter blur. New projects beginning, projects coming to an end & lots of other stuff in-between. 

I met with a new client last week, we'll call her #projectglenholm.
This client has made progress in her home & is almost there but needs some finishing touches that are going to make big impact & pull everything together. 

The first room we are going to tackle is the living room. 

In here we need drapery, pillows & an area rug for starters. Once thats complete we will source a chest, art or maybe a mirror for above & a table lamp. Baby Steps.

When I pull a room scheme together I almost always begin with fabrics.
Grey, soft taupe (beige), caramel, silver, creams & a touch of black was where I was going.

I presented this.
And it's all a go.

Luxurious silk drapery with accent banding down both lead & outside edges on decorative rods. 
The Candince Olson charcoal circles from Kravet is going to be 2 large down filled pillows along with the embroidered linen fabric from JFFabrics. The sparkly caramel linen also from Kravet is also being added for a bit of glam.

Stay tuned for progress shots.
Bye For Now.

Monday, 15 September 2014

A Room Design Inspired By My New Favourite Fabric

While visiting my JFFabric showroom I fell completely in love with a new floral fabric & decided to design a living room with this new fabric as my inspiration.

I would love to see this a pair of luscious drapery & all of the additional colours used be pulled from this fabric as furniture pieces with Ballet Pink walls.

Here is the design I created with this fabric in mind.

I love this almost preppy scheme, a slight departure from my norm, but I like it!

If want me to design a space just for you, contact me. 

Have a fabulous Monday & I will be back tomorrow filling you in on Blog Podium 2014.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Blog Podium Bound

I am looking forward to next Saturday, it's Blog Podium!
For those of you who don't know what BP is, I'll fill you in on the skinny. Blog Podium is a one day conference where Canadian bloggers  come together to not only network but to learn about different ways to make your blog stand out, how to pair with brands, really the list can go on & on.

This will be second year attending & I am looking forward to putting new Twitter handles to faces & reconnecting with fellow bloggers.

I'm also very interested to hear what these 4 have to say!

I'm sure Scott McGillivray best known as the host of Income Property, Monika Hibbs the voice behind the blog The Doctors Closet & Blog Podium co-founder & the writer of Rambling Renovators Jennifer Flores will wow the crowd with not only what it really takes to be an entrepreneur, but how to be a successful one! They didn't get to where they are overnight.  As an entrepreneur myself, I am very interested in hearing their pieces of advice, I'm sure a lot of blood, sweat, tears, trial & errors got them to where they are. Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault of Hue LaLa is no slouch either. As a regular on City Line & a self proclaimed DIY Ninja, L-A will be moderating this Keynote Panel discussion.

You can read more about Scott, Monika, Jennifer & Leigh-Ann here.

A few tickets are still on sale if your interested click here.

Have a wicked weekend!