Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Roof Top Servery - One Room Challenge Week 4

Here we are at week 4 of the one room challenge - the week when everything gets really real. I mean it's crunch time people! There really is only a week & a bit left to get things completed, and then the photos have to happen.

If you are new to The Pink Zipper thanks for stopping by & if you are also wondering what the One Room Challenge thing is, here's the down low. Linda from Calling it Home had this crazy awesome idea to invite 20 design bloggers complete a space in 6 weeks, all while sharing weekly updates & the behind the scenes of this challenge. It was such a success, it has become a bi-annual event. Now 5 years later The One Room Challenge has grown to accommodate guest participants. I'm one of those.
To get caught up you can see what I've been up to week 1, week 2 & week 3 of my ORC.
You can see my very first ORC here.

Last week I was stressing because the physical work had not yet began. I am pleased announce the floor tiling started Tuesday & will be done later this week. I'm superdy duper happy about this black & white checker situation. I'm going with tiled baseboards in black & the grouting will also be black. 

All the walls have been primed & are ready for some Benjamin Moore Oxford White.
Bye Bye hospital sickness green. 

The handrails have been taken off & are being prepped for painting with Benjamin Moore Onyx. 

My grandfather aka the carpenter, stopped by to measure up & begin building the 2 tall cabinets that will be fronted by the bi-fold shutter doors. A lot of things are hinged on the completion of these cabinets, like the counter top the backsplash being installed & the black glass floating shelf.

The Tonic Living Swaying Palms fabric also arrived this week so we finalized the green for the exterior door. 

Speaking of the palm fabric, it going to be what we're using for an under counter skirt. I have always loved the casual (dare I say cottage-ish) look of under counter skirts. Not only will it give a softness to the area, but it's also a budget friendly option to cabinetry, and no one will ever notice the dish washer hidden behind it.

Our Barbie & Ken Vintage Photography arrived & has been framed along with a few other pieces.

The lighthouse is from Lila & Lola & the palm image is from the instagram page of Drake General Store

The stair carpeting has been ordered & is scheduled for install on May 9 - talk about cutting it close.
I showed the 4 options last week & we selected this beautiful wool from Godfrey Hirst. It's going to look soooo gooood!

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Roof Top Servery - One Room Challenge Week 3

Here we are at week 3 of the One Room Challenge already & nothing has actually happened IN my ORC space. We have been sourcing, purchasing & getting everything together & lined up so when it's go time we can hopefully cross the finish line in time.

To see what's happened, or maybe I should say what hasn't happened, or if your just joining in you can read week 1 & week 2 to get up to speed on my crazy decision to join in on this edition One Room Challenge to complete a room in just 6 weeks. We ran into a little hiccup with the original fabric I chose, you'll read about that in a bit. I revised the design board yet again... (3rd times a charm right) to reflect the new fabric.

What's really holding us up is the tiling of the floor, since this need to be done first. It was supposed to begin this week but has been pushed until Monday. The electrician has done his bit but will be back at the end to install our lighting.

My grandfather is going to be building the body of the cabinets & the bi-fold shutter doors are ready made from the Home Depot. I really love the look of the shutter doors with their nice wide louvers. I'm thinking black or lucite / acrylic hardware, I'm not sure if I want to draw attention to the hardware or not. We'll see.

The painter is all lined up to paint the interior cabinets, walls, stairwell, exterior door & the orange oak handrails are going to get a sanding then be painted black.

We already have the Caesarstone counter top from a previous project that got the axe at the last minute, so once the cabinetry is in place, it needs a little trimming & sink hole cutting.

Our Vintage Barbie & Ken photograph has been ordered & is on it's way to me as we speak so I want to get that framed up & begin an art project I have planned for the stairwell.

This week we also looked at carpets for the stairs & the stairwell lighting, decisions are being made on these still. Here are the carpet contenders.

This fun door hardware from Emtek will be going on the exterior door. Can you guess which colour we chose?!

Last but not least, I ordered up my most favourite palm fabric ever from Christina La Croix 

for the under counter skirt & almost fell off my chair when 2 1/2 yards plus shipping & tax came in at $674, wholesale! NO KIDDING, SO BUMMED. I knew what the most sane solution was, that would look great was Swaying Palms. But I'm a beggar for punishment so, I sat at my computer for hours, literally, scouring the internets for palm fabrics that were different & would not cost an arm & a leg. I came back around to Swaying Palms, so for $70 I ordered that business up from Tonic Living, especially after seeing this image on Architectural Digest for Eastern Accents bedding collection I was sold.

I am not holding my breath but I will cross my fingers that by the time next week rolls around we will have hard labour happening in the form of floor & cabinets and I can show you some progress pics of the space.

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Vintage Barbie & Ken Photos by David Parise

While sourcing art for my One Room Challenge I was really wanting to find something fun & quirky.
I came upon the photography of David Parise.
David uses vintage Barbie & Ken dolls & sets them up in various locations.  David says "My art is fun, with no serious statement, it might make you smile, sometimes laugh & hopefully hits a nostalgic chord in you."
Well it defiantly makes me smile! 

To see or more of Davids photography click here.
Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Roof Top Severy - One room Challenge Week 2

Good gracious, how is it Thursday & week 2 of the One Room Challenge already!!! 
If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. 

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge let me give you the skinny. The ORC was started by Linda from Calling It Home 5 years ago. Linda invites & challenges 20 design bloggers to transform one room in their home (or a daring client) in 6 weeks & give weekly updates on Wednesdays. Here's this seasons line up & it's good, like really good!

 Thursday are for the Guest Participants, thats me & about 199 others! This is my second time participating. You can see my first one here.

This time around my Mom & her husband, Dave are the clients. I've designed a servery on the top floor of their mulit-level town house. At the very top of the stairs is a small space, 10 ft x 6 ft to be exact & the door to access to the roof top terrace is located there. It really is a beautiful out there, it backs on to a ravine & it does feel like you are in the treetops. My scheme was inspired & has a gentle nod to The Beverly Hills Hotel with a bit of cottage chic mixed in & touch of whimsy. 

Heres the original plan.

And after rounding out the budget & sourcing the design plan has evolved to this & I actually love it even more.

This week not much work has happened. I sourced the Black & White floor tile & was going for this triangular pattern.


In the end, this classic 12 x 12 porcelain black & white checker board floor won out. Some compromising was done by all in order to keep the dreaded budget in check. Fingers crossed, tiling will start next week.

source unknown

We purchased the wall sconces & after much deliberation these babies from IKEA are going up, but first the brushed nickel will become matte black.

Hopes were very high on getting a black bar sink but the cost was just too steep, were going round & stainless & the black faucet remains. Too bad both were sold out, so we gotta wait on those.

The paint situation is also in check.

Here is still so much to do.... honestly the fact that this is not happening at my own home makes me feel a little out of control.

Below is the master list of things to complete - note that nothing has been crossed off the list. The electrician & tiler will begin early next week along with the cabinetry. Hopefully I will have more to share with you next Thursday.

replace flooring
built millwork
counter top
black glass floating shelf
install wall lights
stairwell lighting
make & install under counter skirt
bring in a fridge & dishwasher
cabinet hardware
door hardware
paint exterior door
paint walls including the stairwell & handrail
carpet stairs

Until next week my friends & don't forget to check out all of the other Guest Participants.