Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Saturday was a double header in the birthday party department. We hosted B's Frozen / Winter party in the morning, you can see her party here. Then at 2:30 were completely bombarded with 10, six year old boys for an everything Angry Birds party. It was loud...very loud.

I had a lot of fun planning this party. I think I secretly want to be a kids party planner.
Now I know yesterday I said I am not a literal theme-y gal but, with Angry Birds, I figured it had to be all or nothing!

I printed off water bottle labels & set then playfully into bird nests with brown crinkle paper.

I was searching for astro turf to use as a table runner but opted for table cloth that had the look of grass.

Green jello served as smashed pigs.

The boys also enjoyed Bad Piggies bowling, tattoos & a fun game of Put the Tail on the Bird.

Monday, 15 December 2014

How to throw a Frozen / Winter Themed Party

I have always liked Mondays. Mondays are like a fresh start, the beginning of a new week.
This past weekend was a doozie, so I am very grateful for a week ahead with no plans.
We hosted both kids birthday parties on Sunday. Frozen in the am & Angry Birds in the afternoon. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not a literal theme-y person. So when B said she wanted a Frozen party I know she was envisioning everything plastered in Ana & Elsa. As where I was seeing layers of whites, snowballs, snowflakes, crystals, silver with soft blue & sprinkles of lilac. Let's just say we went with the latter & incorporated as few Frozen items & The Princesses paid the girls a visit. 

I began with a white table cloth & added a silver mesh extra wide ribbon as a runner & the table was sprinkled with little clear snowflakes. A Frozen napkin, lilac square plate & button in 3 different pictures finished off each place setting. All the girls put on their buttons as soon as they sat down.

Powder Timbit acted as snowballs.

I made a Sven's snack mix & placed it in mini white metal buckets.
You can find the recipe at the bottom of this post.

The young ladies sipped "Melting Snowman" punch out of vintage ice-cream cups. This recipe was easy, Sprite, a few loose scoops of french vanilla once cream & blue raspberry liquid water enhancer.

Ham & cheese sammies were playfully cut into snowflakes.

I toyed with a small arrangement of white flowers, 2 mini-mini Christmas trees with snow on them, but opted out when I saw the Olaf & Sven cake & I love that Ana & Elsa weren't on top! I sent my cousin inspirational images for the cake but gave her free reign & I was so so happy with what she created. The inside had three layers of pastel coloured cake with the most delicious filling.

Strawberries dipped in white chocolate served as Frozen Hearts.
I made the menu card holders out of styrofoam balls from the craft store & simply cut the bottom off, cut a slit in the top & Voila!

Blue jello playfully mimicked ice cubes & were gone lickety split!

Each of our lovely friends left with a snowflake gingerbread cookie as a thank you.

Sven's Snack Mix
1 cup Chex cereal (any flavour)
1 cup pretzel sticks
1 cup Swiss Cheese crackers
1/2 cup blueberry Jelly Bellies
1/2 cup yogurt covered raisins
Mix together in an air tight container, keep up to 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Table Favors. A Simple How To.

If you saw my Instagram feed over the weekend you will see that I was putting together some table favours for my husbands work party. It was a super simple & fun little DIY of sorts & I am happy with the outcome.

I started by visiting my local craft store, Michaels. I selected some black paper bags & a white stamp pad. I had a rubber stamp already from another project & knew that I wanted to use it again for a simple & graphic message.

I began by laying out all of the bags & stamping the centre of one side of the bag - the flat side, not the side where the bottom is folded up - that sounded confusing right!

I wanted to fill each bag with a sweet & crunchy little treat. I filled clear plastic bags with 1 1/2 cups of Maltesers. Placing the contents in a plastic bag is an important step. I learned the hard way last year that the oils from the treats will leak throughout the paper & leave icky oily marks - not cool!
FYI - This is what $30 of  Maltesers looks like.

Once the plastic bags were filled I placed them into the paper bags. I didn't want to hole punch & do ribbon bows again, I've done it before. I found myself wandering around Michaels looking for ideas & then I stumbled upon these super fun clothes pins. They were so perfect & kept with my black & white theme.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Mini Gift Guide for Girls

Mini gift guide week continues & I have assembled a selection of gift for girls.
To be completely honest, I would have been thrilled with any of these when I was my younger self.

travel journal / iPhone charger stickers / string art kit / novel
knit hat / boots / camera / Frozen Trouble board game /

Tomorrow, I'll hook you up with some unique ideas for the gents.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mini Gift Guide For the Ladies

Today I am giving you a few ideas for the ladies in your life. To be completely honest I would love any of these items under my tree.

striped marble cutting board / gold rimmed stemless wine glasses /
Rebecca Minkoff tote / cashmere beanie / Butterfly Body Cream
Ashley Woodson Bailey clutch / YSL lipsticks / Make up brush set

If a certain someone is reading this & wants any ideas for me here they are in no particular order:
Ashley Woodson Bailey clutch
Cashmere beanie
Rebecca Minkoff tote

Come back tomorrow for my Mini Gift Guide for Little Girls

Monday, 24 November 2014

A Mini Gift Guide. What to get the boy in your life for Christmas

Wow it has been a very busy few weeks!!!
As many of you know I was on a family vacation to Barbados. We had the most relaxing time ever, then after being home for 2 days I was off to London with my friend, Christine for 5 days, in hopes of her bringing home the Best International Blog Award. No award came home but we did have loads of fun & I will get into that later this week.

Lots has been happening on the work front also, & seeing that I was gone for the better part of 2 weeks there has been lots of catching up to do & I can believe that I am going to utter these words,

"Christmas is right around the corner"

31 days to be exact! This seems somewhat reasonable, since I do little bits of shopping all year long. The kicker here is that I also have my kids birthdays. 3 days before Christmas! Since they are twins & born so close to Christmas the Mr. & I decided that when they were born that we wouldn't lump their birthdays & Christmas into one.  This weekend I was busy prepping for O's Angry Bird birthday party & all of this boy stuff got me thinking about gift ideas for the little men in your life.

Here is my mini round up....

Pillow Fight pillow cases from Royal Kane / trucker hat /Amplitone headphones
Lip Junk from the Bees Knees / Just because boys find farts funny!
Music is fun & so is the awesome Pineapple Ukulele / Art print from Seth Anderson

There you have it. I will be providing you with mini gift guides all week so stay tuned.

Until next time.