Thursday, 22 January 2015

Just Checking In & my IDS Party outfit.

I had a client project installed Tuesday & it all looks so amazing- hopefully I will have some photos of the drapery, headboard & pillows I made soon. The pics I took don't do it any justice. Painting... lots of painting, pillows orders & sewing has been accomplished & the general logistics of getting O's room underway has kept me busy so far this week. 

Tonight is the IDS2015 Opening Night Party. I am looking forward to spending some time & catching up with by friends, getting dressed up, meeting some new people / making new contacts all by being surrounded by music, food & great design. Just my cup of tea! You see lots of people at these events, some are very casual & other are way over the top. I like to be somewhere in the middle looking pulled together & polished but definitely comfortable. Here is my ensemble for this evenings soiree.

My go to black leather leggings, a silk a-line cami, an over sized lightweight graphic cardigan, sexy peep toe booties, simple black clutch & a statement necklace. I like the fact that the pearl & multi coloured gemstone necklace is sweet in contrast to the rock n' roll vibe of the rest of the outfit.

I hope to recap my faves of the show on Monday.

Well I'm off to have my 4 week old Schellac mani re-done. I swear this stuff is amazing not one chip in 4 weeks. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Wall Scone Decision & Some New Pillows!

As you may already know form this post, I am giving my son's room a makeover. It seems that the fabrics, furniture, layout, wallpaper, drapery & bedding selections for his space are slowly taking over my brain. I have become slightly obsessed. My original plan was to remove the sliding mirror closet doors & create a built in dresser with place to hang a piece of art & a small area for hanging, but after much thought I have given that plan the axe. Instead I have opted for the closet area to become a desk/ homework area. In the meantime, until he actually has real homework, it will serve as a spot for him & his Lego to spread out & get creative.
This image from  Lacqured Life served as my inspo.

I have ordered up this Coles & Son Woods wallpaper for inside of the nook. It's the perfect fit for our "woodsman on an adventure" vibe.

The hunt is on for 2 wall sconces.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6


If you saw my Instagram last Friday them you will have seen the latest pillows I created for Black Rooster - The Black Lips & the Black Bold.

Aren't they wicked?!!
Now go buy some up before they are all gone.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

A New Esty Art Find. Eye Poetry Photography.

I was searching Etsy for a piece of art for my son's bedroom & I came across the work of Irene Suchocki of
 Eye Poetry Photography. It makes me so happy when I stumble upon something really good & she is a fellow Canuck too!!!

I did choose one of these great images for O's room. I'm looking forward to getting it framed up!
Head over to Eye Poetry to see more brilliant photographs.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A room for my little guy

I mentioned the other day that my first project of the year is to complete my son's bedroom. 
Being the slightly controlling person that I am, I have given him a few choices on many pieces & he himself have narrowed things down & I am impressed!

Here's where we're at.

I guess you could say we are headed in a slight woodsman / ski lodge direction, without all the wood!

My ultimate goal is that he will easily grow into his room from now until he's a teenager, without too much change.

I've toyed around with the idea of buying the bed on the board from Ikea or the Gemma Campaign bed with storage from Pottery Barn. I like both, but let's face it there is a huge difference in price. I figured with the help of my grandfather, together we could make a killer one that combined what I like about both. And it would be a great project for he & I to do together.

I'd also like to make the bookshelf too, ooh & the giant O, but not sure if I would be pressing my luck!

There is a little alcove that currently has a small vintage desk that I picked up a few years ago at a garage sale for $6. It need some TLC. I haven't quite figured that part out yet! This is where O does all of his Lego but I figured as he grows the Lego will eventually go & this will become his homework area.

The sliding closet mirror doors are coming off, the inside will be painted blue (I think) & a white dresser will be set back into the opening. I would love to see a the desser topped off with a nice slab of stone, but I will have to see how this fits into the budget. He will need a bit of hanging space & I'm dreaming up some type of conduit piping thing-y.

If you know me then you're aware that I would rather stick needles in my eyes than paint a wall, so I plan on doing 80% of this project myself & having my painter do the painting. 

To Do's: 
Paint & make new drapery
Do something to the existing desk & chair
make & paint bookshelf 
create the closet & built the dresser, figure out the piping
make really awesome bedside lamp
sew pillows
recover a vintage folding stool
make an O marquee light
paint an existing canvas laundry bag
make or buy / put together the platform bed with storage
find a frame the art

Holy Moly that is a mother of a list. Wish me luck.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome to 2015 & a new project

Hi Friends! It's been a while. 
I trust a lovely Christmas & New Year was had by all. The Mr. & I took the same time off as the kids & we had a great break & spent lots of time together, but it's back to reality ;(

This is my little guy & we are going to tackle his bedroom & do it on a budget. 

The kids shared the nursery until they were about 2 1/2 then we moved Oakley into his own room. It was the home office / whatever doesn't have a home kind of room. So I bought a bed online & few things to make the space his, it was cute but to be honest I was wanting to do more, but figured when he was a bit older I would give him a say in his big boy space. That time in now.

I showed Oakley about 10 photos that I really liked for inspiration & he narrowed them down to these 3. I'm sorry I don't have the sources, so if you know, please let me know. 

Oakley wants to bring in his favourite colours black, blue & red.  I will be evening it all out with lots of white & to keep this train on the track budget-wise I will be doing lots of DYI-ing!

Here is what his room looks like now.

 Do you have any projects to start this New Year off?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Saturday was a double header in the birthday party department. We hosted B's Frozen / Winter party in the morning, you can see her party here. Then at 2:30 were completely bombarded with 10, six year old boys for an everything Angry Birds party. It was loud...very loud.

I had a lot of fun planning this party. I think I secretly want to be a kids party planner.
Now I know yesterday I said I am not a literal theme-y gal but, with Angry Birds, I figured it had to be all or nothing!

I printed off water bottle labels & set then playfully into bird nests with brown crinkle paper.

I was searching for astro turf to use as a table runner but opted for table cloth that had the look of grass.

Green jello served as smashed pigs.

The boys also enjoyed Bad Piggies bowling, tattoos & a fun game of Put the Tail on the Bird.