Thursday, 12 November 2015

One Room Challenge - The Reveal of the Jack n'Jill

Well today is the day we have all been waiting for. It's reveal day for everyone who has hopped onboard as a guest participant on the One Room Challenge crazy train.

If you are just joining us, the One Room Challenge is the brain child of Linda from Calling it Home. In a nutshell, designers & design bloggers are challenged to complete a room in 6 very short & fast weeks, all the while documenting the process and sharing the many ups & downs of the creative & physical process.

This is my ORC debut, hopefully the first of many & I chose to complete my kids Jack n'Jill bath.
 We purchased a home & have been completing an extensive renovation since mid June & a few months ago this space didn't even exist. If you want to get caught up on the past 5 weeks here you are,
 week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 & week 5.

So with out further ado here is the completed bathroom.

My goal was to create a space that was suitable for both my 7 year old twins, Oakley & Bronte.
 Wanting to keep this space neutral, I used lots of white, texture, shapes, accents of black & natural wood tones. To bring in a hit of colour, I looked to the flow print by Laura Berger & settled on the colour orange from the swimmers bathing suits. Over time we will swap out the accents with any other colour in some of the artwork in the space.

I am thrilled with how this space has come together & I can't wait to do this again!
Thank you to every single person who contributed to making this space a reality.

wall paintfloor tile / vanity / faucet / mirror / B & O cups / high noon print / soap dispenser / pendants /faceted light bulbs / shower stool / shower fixtures / flamingo print / toilet / flow print /
 the world is your oyster print / you look great print / beach scene print / get naked print

Please make sure you check out the reveals of my fellow One Room Challenger's.

Photography by Michelle Peek

Thursday, 5 November 2015

One Room Challenge - A Jack n' Jill - Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge, a super fun & motivation inducing design challenge that was conceived by Linda from Calling it Home, to completely transform a room in just 6 weeks. 
The main 20, as I like to referred to them, report on their progress Wednesdays & us 150+  guest participants share our stories from the week on Thursdays. It's all completely worth it because at the end of the 6 weeks, fingers crossed & all going according to plan, you will have an amazing space to show for it! 

We are at the very tail end of a MAJOR renovation of our home & I chose to complete my kids Jack n' Jill bathroom for my first ever One Room Challenge. If you want to catch up on the first 4 weeks here:

This past week was all about finalizing & framing the art & hanging the pendants lights & to style this bad boy up for my photo shoot of the space that is happening today! 

My electrician came over the other night to hang a bunch of the decorative lighting for the house & by the time we got to the Jack n' Jill it was dark out, but he prevailed with the assistance of an i phone flash light & they look great!

The remaining pieces of art were selected, to work along side go the Flow print below. They all got framed up & hung.

That's all I am sharing with you today, so make sure you check back next Thursday for the final reveal & I will also be providing a detailed list all of my sources. Please make sure take some time to see what my fellow ORC'rs got up to this week too!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

One Room Challenge: A Jack n' Jill week 4

How the heck are we already in week 4 of the One Room Challenge!
This weeks update is going to be short and sweet, because not too much has happened in the Jack n' Jill since last week. If your just joining in you can read week 1, week 2 & week 3 to get caught up to speed on my crazy decision to join in on this edition One Room Challenge to complete a room in just 6 weeks.

 The counter top / sink & splash were installed along with the faucet.

(please excuse the fuzzy photos) 

I initially had selected & purchased this one, but at the last minute, literally as the plumber was taking it out of the box, I switched it for the one I bought for the laundry room. I'm happy I made the change to the tall slender black faucet

The shower head & controls were also installed. Keeping the budget in check is key (at least I am trying) since we are renovating our entire house, so off to The Home Depot I went. I settled on Onyx by America Standard. I like the simplicity of it & while I'm being completely honest the price was fantastic.

The towel hooks started going up with plenty of space above for a piece of art.

I prefer hooks in the bathroom for kids, not only for the way it looks but, it's easier for them to put their towels away & not leave them wet on the floor.

Oh & the toilet paper roll was put up too- can't forget about that necessity!

Reveal day is November 12th & here's what left to do:

-install the pendant lights
-install the toilet
-finalize the art
-frame the art
-hang the art
- purchase new fluffy towels
-purchase & install 2 more towel hooks
 - settle on what to do with the mirror (see last weeks post)
- hang the mirror
 - clean
- finish installing the tile baseboard
- install door frame & trim
- paint door & trim
- install door hardware
-photograph the space

That's a long list.

Make sure you check out what my fellow ORC'rs are up to this week, there are some real goodies in there!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

One Room Challenge: A Jack n' Jill Week 3

Ok, that was the fastest week ever! 
Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge where some 150+ bloggers take on completing a room in just 6 weeks, thanks to Linda from Calling it Home.  If you missed my first week you can click  here & see week 2 here

In this 3rd week the kids Jack n' Jill saw the installation of the glass panel for the shower.

The shell of the vanity was assembled & installed. 

The mirror saga continues....
Last week I asked for your thoughts on a splash & round mirror vs.
a large wall mounted mirror splash combo. The majority said splash & round mirror, so thats what's gonna happen! I picked up this mirror today from my friends at IKEA

I ultimately wanted a frameless mirror or one with a very thin metal edging, but in order to keep the budget in check something had to give, so I went for the right size.  
I need your thoughts once again, should it stay the natural wood tone? or be painted is black? grey? white?

The lighting situation is looking good. I picked these bad boy pendants up at HomeSense for $40 each,

 & these faceted light bulbs from Black Rooster Decor definitely add to the assortment of shapes in the space.

As soon as I saw this playful print from Laura Berger I knew it was perfect for the kids bathroom, it's been framed in a simple white frame. 

I have aslo ordered up this super fun print from Dantell

I think that's about it for today. 
Make sure you check out all of the other ORC players.

Oh & P.S. Today os the last day to cast your vote for my chair for the #chairaffairsdn benefiting the Furniture Bank. I'd love your vote secure my #3 spot! The chairs in the top 10 will move on to the LIVE auction. To vote click on the chair on the sidebar to the left & remember to save your vote! 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

One Room Challenge: A Jack n" Jill Week 2

So here we are in week 2 on the ORC. If you unfamiliar with this whole One Room Challenge thing,  Linda from Calling it Home created this twice a year challenge for design bloggers to complete a room in just 6 weeks all the while documenting & sharing the process.

This in my first One Room Challenge & I've taken on my kids Jack n" Jill. If you want to get caught up to speed & what we started with you can see it here.

 This week the tiling began & finished. I am so in love with this Hex tile. I wanna marry it.
My whole idea with this space is to play with shapes. Octagon, circle, rectangles, triangles & squares will all be playing a part in this space.

Tiling can be completely bonkers in terms of cost, not just in the materials, the labour alone can kill ya! But, I have a little secret. I only pick 1 "showstopper" in this case it's the floor. To even things out, I hit up my local tile clearance outlet & got the white glossy penny rounds for the shower floor & a large scale 8" x 24" white wall tile for the shower walls.

It's all in the presentation, so to make this plain tile not look like a blue light special, I had the walls laid in a brick pattern & grouted the shower floor & walls in charcoal grey to give contrast & definition. To finish things off the shower walls & niche were trimmed out in a black metal edging.

I picked up the Ikea floating vanity.

The shower glass panel was measured & has been ordered.

One thing I need you to weigh in on is "to splash or not to splash" on the vanity countertop. Lets face it, this bathroom is for my kids, they are almost 7 & they seem to get water everywhere. It only makes sense to me, to have a backsplash of some sort. I have 2 thoughts & I want need you to weigh in because I'm completely torn.

My first thought is to do a 4"-6" splashing the same material as the counter top & a large round decorative mirror? Similar to this from Anatomy Design.


Do you prefer a large mirror that is the same width of the vanity & sits at the counter. I thought it could be trimmed out in the same black metal edging as used around the wall tile, kind of like Christine's. I figure this option will do double duty, be a mirror & a backsplash.

I've begun purchasing accessories & sorting out the art & lighting situations & will fill you in on those goodies next Wednesday. Be sure to check out the 20 main ORC participants from Wednesday & also the guest participants here.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#projecthillview Update

As promised I am going to give you an update over at #projecthillview. 
Since mid June we, and when I say we, I mean my Uncles, brother in law & various trades have been creating our new home, but not without various hurdles. That being said as we get closer to moving in I can see my vision for each space coming to life before my eyes. 

So here's the long & short of it.
We removed all of the interior walls & completely opened up the ceiling & now the ceiling throughout, follows the roof line. This turned out to be a major kick in the budget stomach, 3 major structural beams, architects & engineers - it was a doozey- but most definitely worth it. Once everything was opened up, there were a few code issues that first & foremost had to be addressed - another kick to the budget! The super tiny outdated kitchen was relocated from the back of the house to the front. A Jack n' Jill was added for the kids. The existing main bath & master ensuite was opened up to make one large bathroom that is accessible from the hall & the master & we majorly updated the full bathroom on the lower level. Oh yeah, we also chose to fully complete the lower level too - again it hurt the budget too, but we opted for one big mess now & since the home is a bungalow it doubled our daily living space.  There is not one square inch of wasted space.

I thought showing these as the durings will make the afters look especially good.

 All of the windows & doors were upgraded & we added 2 window walls of bi folding doors that open up on to the backyard. Some windows were made larger & others were filled in completely. The exterior also got a coat of Benjamin Moore Black Jack - I love this black, it's certainly black with a hit of brown & grey. The windows were ordered in black for both interior & exterior. For budgetary reasons we opted to paint all of the eaves trough, flashing & the existing garage door. We're still waiting for the ginormous front door, that will really bring this exterior to life.



As we stand right now, the entire place has been spray foam insulated, drywalling has been completed, the tiling is done, the walls have had 1 coat of paint but the ceilings are done. The electrical / lighting is almost finished, plumbing fixtures are waiting to be installed& the hardwood is being delivered Friday. Mill work & appliances are coming the last week of October. As far as I see it we'll be moving in very, very soon & I can't wait!!!

Well that's it for now, until we get in & I can begin to style it up, then I'll do complete before & afters of each space.

Make sure you come back tomorrow & check in on the progress of my One Room Challenge.